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Thread: Happy New Year!

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    Happy New Year!

    Have a great day! (and year!)

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    Happy New Year.
    Frederick Douglass
    It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.

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    Happy New Year to all. I am taking a little break. Hubby is sleeping, sick with the flu, and I am taking down all Christmas decorations as my daughter turns 18 this weekend and her friends and I are throwing her a surprise party on Saturday. All daycare items will have to be stowed away without making her suspicious. Dear Hubby was just sitting on the couch watching me work away. LOL

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    happy new year

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    Hoping everyone had a fantastic holiday and a wonderful new year's !!!

    May business be bountiful, may the days be sunny and bright, may parent issues be non-existant (or at least manageable) and may all your DCK's be happy and well behaved for 2013!! !

    One can only dream......... LOL!

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