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    Before/after school care and homework

    for the kids who are before school and after school- do they do their homework with you?

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    No, they're not in my care long enough. I don't do HOMEwork at DAYCARE. Homework is for home with the parents, not the caregiver. I have other kids to look after too.

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    Mine do their homework right after school. They have such little time with their parents in the evenings anyway that I feel this gives them more quality time. I don't check it though...so if it needs corrections then they do that at home.

    ETA: I have two children of my own in school and they do their homework right after school too, so it's easy to just have everyone sit at the kitchen table and do their homework while I feed the little ones snack.
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    Depends on the homework. Clearly, my dining table is not the place for your plasticine and styrofoam diorama creation! But a math worksheet, or home reading, sure, if mom and dad want that to happen.
    That being said, I won't check over homework or beg, plead and cajole the child to get started or finished.
    And this is kind of a moot point for me anyway, as I no longer do care for older school aged kids. Just wanted to weigh in.

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