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Thread: Happy New Year!

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    Happy New Year!

    Happy New year everyone!!! This is my first day back after Mat leave and in my new house! One little guy started today, two more later in the month so a nice gradual return! Joined Weight Watchers last night so lots of changes in this household this year! Hope everyone has recharged and is ready for a wonderful year!

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    Happy New Year to you too. Today is my first day back since Dec 20th.

    Lots of changes for my household to. Daycare related, I ended 2012 with 6 kids on my books and now only have 3. The financial implications totally suck but I know that part is temporary and I have a couple of enquiries I am going to be following up on this afternoon, but it sure is nice to just have 3 kiddies I have cared for for over 2 years.

    My new daycare space has started to develop and hopefully by Mid Feb, it will be finished and we can make the transition to our main floor space. SO EXCITED!!

    My Hubby has a new job so its exciting to share that new experience with him especially as he has a fantastic job position wiith a great company.

    This morning was a great morning, and I have chuckled a couple of times to myself as you can tell these kids have been ruling the roost being at home for 17 days straight and now here I am back to normal with all my rules haha. They have been really great though so fingers crossed naptime goes smoothly too. I have really missed having some alone time in the afternoon since my hubby had time off and my two older kids were home from school too.

    I have made only one resolution this New Year. It is that I should put myself first.

    I never do this, and its not about being selfish, but I need to learn that if something is detremental to me and my family, even a little bit by giving too much of myself to others, then I have to say no. This is a huge challenge for me being a selfless person, but I have to value my health and happiness as I do the importance of having food and water.

    Fingers Crossed

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    Happy New Years ladies!

    Change while scary and sometimes unplanned can definitely be awesome as a time for growth and new beginnings and charting new avenues to happiness in ones life!

    Brights I so agree that learning to say 'no' when needed is not about being selfish but about self preservation ~ if one gives so much of themselves that they have nothing left well than they are no good to anyone!
    Children construct their own intelligence. The adult must provide activities and context, but most of all must be able to listen. Children need proof that adults believe in them. Their three great desires are to be listened to, to understand, and to demonstrate that they are exactly what we expect."
    Loris Malaguzzi

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    Wonderwiper, congrats on getting back to work with new clients and making all the other positive changes in your life. Pats on your back!

    Bright Sparks, I can just feel the excitement in your post. Congrats to you too!
    Frederick Douglass
    It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.

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