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    Not wanting to do extended mornign hours every day.....

    Good Morning Everyone,

    I hope everyone had a good holiday. I got an email from a parent inquiring about daycare and asking me if I would do a 6am start (my hours are 7am-5:30pm). I mentioned that I am ok with a flexible start but not that early every day. That would make for a very long day for me and I am sure I would get burn out pretty fast How do I explain it nicely to her why I am not willing to do a 6am start every day without offending her and sounding mean as she just isn't getting it? I don't even want to interview her as it would be a waste of time because I won't do a 6am start every day. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thank you

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    You tell her your hours are from 7 am - 7:30. You can put what the earliest you will open and how many days a week if you want but if you don't want to start care that early then don't. If she is not getting it just tell her that the hours of care she is looking for don't fall within your business hours. Simple as that.
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    I would simply say that I don't open until 7 am, so she would need to look elsewhere. Not sure why she isn't getting that.

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    You are running a business and these are your hours. Some parents think, well you are home anyway so what's the problem. Would they like it if they had an extra hour tacked onto their work day?
    It is her problem if she doesn't get it. No long explanations are necessary. You work for yourself not her.

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    I live in an apartment building so i have to buzz parents in. I do not answer the phone until 7:30 if they follow someone else in, I don't answer the door until 7:30. Most days I don't even roll out of bed until 7:20. So if parents what to get here before I start too bad. They can pay me $60 an minute then maybe I would think about it. lol I am so not a morning person. I am going to be changing my hours soon to start at 7. its going to kill me, but my son will be going to school in Sept and it starts at 8am.

    Bottom line, its my business I start at the time I stat not when you want me too. I wuld not do a 6am start unless it was a one time emergency.

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    I wouldn't consider interviewing them. I open at 7:30 and I'm not willing to open one minute earlier. Another family will come along. Don't get yourself into a situation that will make you exhausted!
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    apples and bananas
    Don't do it! You WILL burn out. I used to do it.. and it sucks!

    I had to terminate care because the hours were just too early.

    Just let her know. "thank you for your interest however I have an open time of 7:30 and due to my closing time of 5:30 I am not able to extend that to a 6am start. If your situation changes and you would like to meet with me to discuss care with in my hours I'd be happy to have you over for an interview. "

    Done... You dont' have to appologize for it. Whatever you do, don't do the 6am.

    I still do it the odd morning for one family and those are my longest days! So tired.

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    Agreed ~ you do not need to give her any explanation other than 'Thank you for your interest in my program unfortunately my hours are firm and therefore I cannot meet your childcare needs." You can add a "Good luck in your continued search for childcare' ... and if you are feeling particularly generous you can offer her ideas on where to look to find programs that open that early .... however if she does not get it, is offended or has any other emotional reaction to that FACT it is not your problem it is just the facts of your business nothing 'personal' towards her ... just keep it short and sweet and to the facts.
    Children construct their own intelligence. The adult must provide activities and context, but most of all must be able to listen. Children need proof that adults believe in them. Their three great desires are to be listened to, to understand, and to demonstrate that they are exactly what we expect."
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    Turn the clock back about 6 weeks and my posts were all about burn out from a 6:30-5:30 work day. It isn't worth the little bit of extra money when you pay the price physically and mentally and then your family too have to pick up the pieces when you crash and burn.

    Like others have said, another family will come along. Stay strong and just say NO!

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    It sounds like you may have emailed her back saying you would consider it on certain days but now you are regretting it.

    I would email her again and say "I know I initially said that I might be able to do the early hours for you on certain days but after careful thought to how your hours would fit into my program and with the existing schedule; I realize it would be too difficult. I am very sorry but I need to keep my hours at xxx-xx or else it will be disruptive to my own family life and to the daycare. I don't want to promise you certain days and then later tell you it isn't fitting into the program. Thank you for you interest and for taking the time to contact and consider me. I wish you all the best in your daycare search."

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