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    Sensory Bin for under 24 months?

    Hey Everyone!

    what do you all do for sensory bins for really wee ones? Aside from snow

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    Outside all year long I have 'two' different bins and than rotate what is in them ... I use colored rice, corn meal, sand/dirt, colored 'dry' noodles, shredded paper, yarn strands in different textures and lengths and colors, collections of leaves, pine cones, sticks, rocks.

    In winter in addition to the above in one of the bins in the other we do snow .... than add things like paint and brushes, or squirt bottles with colored water in them, or ice cubes that are colored or add things to the snow bin like the small animals or cars but they stay in the 'bin' so they do not get lost in the BIG snow until spring time

    In summer one dry bin and than in the second bin water is always out ~ sometimes we due icecubes with stuff 'hidden' in them to melt, or colored cubes that when melt make a third color in the water. Sometimes we make Instant Snow (they sell it in Wintergreen catalog ~ it is crystals and when you add water it gets 'cold' like snow and is mold-able) Sometimes in the 'dry' bin I add water to the cornstarch bin for 'goop', sometimes we 'cook' the noodles and sometimes I let them make 'mud' with the sand or dirt for extra treat when I can than just 'hose them off' to clean them up and the mess disappears under my deck

    Inside I prefer 'easy to clean' sensory bins
    • *Pom poms and cotton balls with tongs and cups or ice cube trays
    • Pipe cleaners and large spools or things to 'bead' onto the cleaners
    • Water
    • Play doh or Clay
    • Collection of Shells
    • Collection of River Rocks
    • Pine cones
    • Paper shredded
    • Marble bin

    Because my age group is 'mixed' with some w ho are wee and some who are older the rule with sensory is you cannot play with things that are 'potential chokers' until you have mastered ' not mouthing things' and can respect the rule that the materials stay IN the bin so depending on the children what age is appropriate for them ~ so I still bring them out even when I have 'wee ones' in the program but the wee ones are instructed it is 'closed' to them if they do not have the skills yet to explore safely ~ children master things at such different ages and stages I have had 18 months olds who master all of those things even the marble bin they can play with safely and keep the marbles in the bin having watched the 'older' children follow the rules and than I have had 3 year olds who often loose their ability to play at those invitations until they 're~earn' the trust back to explore safely and properly within the rules of respect for that material ... because I believe that children learn to master through practice and exposure to things I do not 'stop bring it out' because 1 child is not coping with it rather help that 1 child learn to cope through the role modeling of those who have mastered ~ even when they are not directly 'engaged' in an activity the wee children are learning through observation what is expected of them to be able to explore those mediums.
    Children construct their own intelligence. The adult must provide activities and context, but most of all must be able to listen. Children need proof that adults believe in them. Their three great desires are to be listened to, to understand, and to demonstrate that they are exactly what we expect."
    Loris Malaguzzi

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    Quote Originally Posted by Daycare123 View Post
    Hey Everyone!

    what do you all do for sensory bins for really wee ones? Aside from snow
    Daycare123, I don't usually have sensory bins. I really believe that everything children touch, smell, play with, eat, crafting, colouring, inside, outside - it's all sensory. I provide a large variety of toys and crafts and playing, including chalk, markers, paint, playdo, finger paint, soft toys, hard toys of all kinds. When we are outside they are collecting leaves, pinecones, smelling flowers, picking up worms. You can't name one thing children do that is NOT sensory.

    So I don't want a big bin of rice or sand all over my house! I really don't think my daycare children are missing out at all. But this week we made an igloo out of sugar cubes, painted a 3D snowman picture, brought in a big bowl of snow after playing outside so we could make an inside snowman and observe what happened, and so much more.

    Do whatever you want to do of course, that's just my two cents!
    Frederick Douglass
    It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.

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    I like using oats.....I did a food themed bin once using oats, and then added some play food, play utensils, and old yogurt cups.....it gets a bit messy but the oats vacuum up well. It was definitely a hit!

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