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    Nighttime Potty Training

    Good Afternoon,

    New here and glad to have found another outlet for advice. My 3 1/2 yo daughter has been potty trained since she was 18 months, but I cannot for the life of me, get her dry at night. We have tried cutting out liquids past 6, making sure she goes to pe before bedtime, wakeing her up when we go to bed to have a pee ( by this time it is already too late). It's like she pees the instant her body relaxes and goes to sleep. And I am not talking a drop or two, this is a FULL pull-up EVERY morning.
    I know that most people say "just wait, nighttime training fixes itself" but when should I consider it a problem? 5, 10?
    Thanks for your advice!

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    I have two boys, they both have a nocturnal enuresis. One day, we were at the drugstore and they had all those pamphlets. My oldest son, which new how to read, was looking at them. And he saw the one for this company:
    He read it carefully, asked me questions regarding this and told me that peeing in his bed was starting to bug him.

    So I called urino arret and tried their machine on both my sons. The oldest one is now peeing at night FREE!!!! But the younger one still pees in his bed EVERY SINGLE night. Sometimes even wet his sheets (with a real diaper!). I can say I have tried EVERYTHING. The only thing that I think really works is when the kid himself has a concern with peeing in bed. Until they do, I think it's pure torture to make them go through this. My youngest son is almost 6 and he doesn't care much about peeing in his bed. When we tried the machine, he cried non stop, refused to wake up when the machine went off...etc...

    Good luck with this problem!

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    Don't have much advice, but when I used to babysit, the 5 year old boy used to pee during the night without waking up! The parents did the same thing, and he eventually grew out of it.

    Don't become too stressed about it. It's natural, and some kids just take longer to 'night-time' train.

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    3 1/2 is stille young. But take an appointment with your child's doctor to check with him if your child has nothing physical.

    Once the physical is ruled out, you'll be left with nocturnal enuresis. Which is not a matter of training.

    The enuresis is not a disease but a problem of development and reflex. The enuretic person has a sphincter weakness quite simply, i.e. a muscular weakness on the level of the collar’s bladder. As soon as a certain accumulation of urine is made feel in the bladder, the sphincter (too much weak to retain the urine) slackening and causes an involuntary loss of wee.

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    I wouldn't even worry about it. My daughter is 4 next month, and I still put a pull-up on her nightly. Most mornings it is dry, but she still fairly frequently has a wet one. My 7 1/2 yr old son still has accidents every once in a blue moon. I really think it's just a matter of the body growing enough. Take her to the doc to rule out anything medical, but I doubt that they will get too fussed about it at this point in time, either.

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    3 is really young to worry about it. Some kids do not grow out of night wetting until they are 6 or so! Give it time!

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