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    Cleaning Service?

    I'm thinking of getting a cleaning service to help me with my cleaning.

    I'm having trouble getting it all done, my daycare is finally full! I have 3 kids of my own,(my youngest is 1), I'm now on my own with the kids as my husband and I have separated, I am also a part time student. AND I'm drowning!!! I need help!

    So my question is, if I get a cleaning service, can I write the cost off at tax time?

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    For sure you could do part of it anyways with the idea of say half the cleaning was specific to daycare - playroom, bathroom kids use, highchairs, floors etc and half was personal as in family bedrooms or off limits areas of the house.

    Another option some use is to hire a teen to watch their own kids while they do the cleaning - cheaper but not nearly as nice as having someone else do it for sure.

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    Another option some use is to hire a teen to watch their own kids while they do the cleaning
    - cheaper but not nearly as nice as having someone else do it for sure.[/QUOTE]

    Playfelt that us what I do!

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    My daughter cleans houses for a living and I have her come in and do my floors, dusting, bathrooms, washing cupboards, windows and other things every other week. She works for about 2 hours and that weekend I'm able to devote to other things that I need to catch up on or I can completely goof off with social activities. I love it and highly recommend having someone come in at least once a month to gie you a weekend off.
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    I have a cleaning service that comes in every other Friday .... Love love love it and I write it off!

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    Crayola Kiddies, what is the cost to have someone come in every other friday? What do you get them to clean?

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