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    Unhappy DCG screams so loud!

    I have a almost 2 yr. Old dcg who screams (ear piercing) when she doesn't get her way, I remove her and redirect her from an area, ppl touch something! It's driving me bonkers I don't know what to say or do!
    I have talk to her numerous times: use your words, inside voice.
    Thoughts advice?

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    I think I'd be inclined to not give her attention for that behaviour. You can redirect her, which will of course make her shriek, tell her (in very firm voice) 'NO thank you! We do not scream!", then leave her. She will likely keep screaming or maybe cry, but may make the connection after a while that the screaming isn't getting her any attention at all. I wouldn't doubt she's enjoying the attention she gets. When she stops screaming, then approach her.

    Another approach might be to put her in time out to help her make the connection. I've had screamers too, and those are the approaches I used. I worked after a while.

    Screaming = time out = no fun at all

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    I had one who would scream if I left the room. I tried talking as I walked away saying i'll be right back etc etc, but nothing worked. I decided to ignore the behaviour as I was only ever gone for a few minutes (to pee or grab a drink or throw a diaper outside) and slowing it got better. When he didnt get the attention of me trying to convince him not to scream, he got bored. Gave lots of praise when i came back if they was no screaming

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    Kids will make whatever noise they have learned "works". Chances are, Mom/Dad LEAP up and giver her what she wants when she shrieks. You just need to show her that it isn't going to work at your house. I would set a consequence for the screaming (ie: a time out) and otherwise ignore it.
    She should catch on that it doesn't get her anywhere pretty soon!

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    My daughter was doing the same when I reopened my daycare. She would scream when the other kids touched her toys, so I started putting her in time outs every time she screamed. I have very low tolerance for screaming. Within a few time outs, it stopped. Then you give LOTS of praise when they share their toys nicely

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