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    Thinking of only offering part time care!


    90 % of my daycare kids are part time and I'm thinking of only offering care Tue-Friday starting in Sept what do you ladies think? Do any of you ladies currently offer this kind if care?

    I find this job gives burn out and this would give me the freedom to take an extra day to get stuff done or just go walk about!

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    Another dayhome lady I know does this and loves it. She has tried both full-time and part-time and a combination of both. She finds having the extra day to do chores, hanging out with her own kids or a chance to go away for a long weekend.

    I have thought of changing to 4 days a week, too, but all my families are full-time and I love them all. So, I guess I will need to wait until their kids get older and don't need me anymore.

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    This is sorta along the same track... I changed my hours and I love love love it...first dck gets here at like 8:15 and its awesome!!! and I close at 5:45. Best move I evar made!!!

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    If you can afford to work only 4 days and you have no problem finding clients, I say go for it!!! I would LOVE to be able to do that...but can't afford it at this point.

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    Yup ! Have been considering it too. Dunno that I could afford it right now but I stayed home to spend time with my kids and I find I am not spending enough quality time as I would like. During the day I get often distracted with other DC issues.I do not take the kids out on any outtings. I would love to take my kids out once in a while too. Weekend are often busy with chores. Week nights I am sooo tired I only feel like holding them and watching tv. Go for it if you can !!

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