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    So frustrated with short naps

    I have a 16 month dcg who has given up the morning nap and only sleeps 45 minutes in the afternoon - if I'm lucky. When she's up she is into everything, so I really need a decent nap from her. If I leave her in her bed she screams and wakes everyone else up. How would you all handle naptime with her??

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    I would put her in an area as far away from the other children as you can. Maybe try some white noise like a fan to try and drown her out, or even to help her sleep longer.
    I would leave her in her playpen and not take her out until nap time is over. She has learned that screaming gets her out. Unfortunately the other children are going to suffer for a bit, but if you keep her in there until nap time is over, she will eventually learn that it doesn't get her anywhere and she will stop. In that time, you can try going in saying to her that it's sleepy time,lie her down and walk out the room. Don't say any thing else to her so that she gets the message. You can keep going in to repeat the process, or you can just leave her to scream but do not let her out until nap time is over.

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    I would do as Bookworm said and put her in a separate area and in a playpen so she can't get out. I have one child who sleeps less time than the others and after he falls asleep I put a few little (safe) toys and books at his feet so he can amuse himself when he wakes up. WE need our break and the children need their sleep. You are protecting the sleep of all the other children so it's your job, don't feel bad.
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