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    Calls are slowing down. Has Market Place report effected your business?

    Seems like I am getting a lot less inquiries since the piece aired. As someone just starting out and looking to get clients, this is not a good thing.

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    Keep advertising torontokids, it's entirely possible the tv show has some parents worried but it will blow over quickly. You have a wonderful setup and we have a saying about feast or famine in our business. You don't get any inquiries for weeks and then all of a sudden you get four in a week.
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    I am just starting out too. I've been advertising for 2 weeks. So far, two families interested. One was not a good fit for hours and the other I interviewed, but they are still checking out their options at this point as they don't need care until July. As much as I don't want to, I've started considering agencies...but I keep hoping those calls start coming!

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