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Thread: Must have toys

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    Must have toys

    Happy Friday everyone!

    I am in a great mood today and decided that I am heading to Toys R Us after the kiddies go home today to pick up a few new toys for next week. What are the go to toys at your homes? I have 6 kids, a 4yr old, 2-3yr olds, a 14, 15 and 19 month old.

    Thanks in advance!!!

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    apples and bananas
    My kids love play food and anything with faces. Little people and such. They love anything the little people can play in. And lately we've been all about potatoe heads! Drives me nuts to find all of the little eyes and legs and ears all over the place, but it's good for the little ones to put the parts in the holes. And they think it's funny when someone puts a foot where an ear is supposed to go.

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    Do you have room for a playhouse? The toy r us in Ontario has the playhouse I have which the kids love for 1/2 price (the one with the shutters) I have a magnet board and toys r us has the "fridge" toy that you can interchange animals upper/lower bodies or vehicles. It makes noise and the kids love the different animals and cars they can make and there is never a wrong answer.

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    Do you have any good kids consignment stores in your area? I almost never buy toys new...you can get 2-3 times more for the same money if you buy used and the stuff looks the same as new! I usually just browse my local kids consignment store and buy what I can find that looks like fun. Or kijiji is good too...sometimes you can find good deals on there! Otherwise, sorry, my mind is blank on actual toys to buy LOL. Maybe some new puzzles?

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    The favourite toys for my dc children are: shopping cart with the dishes and the kitchenette, blocks, dolls & a doll buggy, parking garage, millions of cars, rocking toys, push toys, barn & animals, books, musical instruments, dressup clothes, tunnel, easel.
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    I invested in a 2 room ball pitt this year and the kids love it!! i only take it out occasionally as it is huge and takes over my whole playroom but its great for days that are too cold to go outside or when the kids are starting to get a little hairy

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