I need some advice from anyone who has had back problems while running a daycare! Lat week my lower back went completely wacko on me and I had to close my daycare for two days. This week I am open, but the pain is killing me! It hurts to walk, to bend, to stand up from sitting, to lift kids up...and carrying them is almost impossible. I have been to the doctor and massage therapist and I started physio last night and will continue, so I am hopeful that soon it will get better. But, in the meantime, I need to keep my daycare open, so I am wondering if anyone has any tips for making things easier on my back? I am only lifting the kids when absolutely necessary and I am not doing any structured activities or extras. Today we played outside, but only because I have to take them out to get my son to the bus and my neighbour (another daycare provider) came out to help...otherwise I couldn't have managed it safely as it is too hard to help them up when they get stuck in the snow etc. I spend my entire naptime lying with a heating pad and it helps...but mornings are excrutiating! Any tips???