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    This works well for me

    Hello Ladies, I have ceramic tiles on my daycare floor. The floor is heated but I still felt the need to have a few area rugs on the floor for floor play. I hate carpet. Last week I purchased from Costco an 8X12 indoor/outdoor area rug. It is a slightly open weave plastic that does not feel hard. I initially thought I would use this outside on the grass as my crew is going to be fairly young and this would be good for them to play on. (I may still do this)

    Anyway, I thought I would see how it would look on the daycare floor. Removing the carpets and placing it on the floor I thought it would move all over. With a couch resting on one side the rug is secure and the kids love playing on it. We have a few riding toys for indoor use and they roll so much better. I love it because it is cleaner than carpet, easy to vacuum, lifts easy to clean underneath, you can wipe it clean if there is an accident and if I want to give it a good clean I can put is on the driveway and and spray it.

    At first, it has a some little waves in it due to being rolled up, but they are relaxing and should be gone in another week. The price was $50.00 and if for some reason I decide to return it, Costco has a good return policy. This is also a daycare deduction.

    Have a great weekend!

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    For me rugs are the best option. There are many companies who work best to clean the rugs and also they add on the beauty to the floor. For me its always a beautiful rug.

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    Thanks for sharing Mimi, I am in the process of re finishing my new daycare space as I'm relocating....these seem like they would be ideal for me.

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    My new daycare space that is currently being worked on is two rooms knocked into one. One room had ceramics and the other hardwood. I want carpet in my new space as I find ceramics for extended periods of time is not fun. Hard on knees, bums and even feet. Easier clean up for sure but an all round cooler feel to me and I find carpet to be more comfortable and cosy. I would not go to the added trouble and/or expense to heat the ceramic floors in any other space than bathrooms. I only intend to do daycare for a couple more years and then this space will be a formal dining room, so I had considered just patching up in between the two surfaces where the wall was taken out with plywood to make it level and then getting a large rug, or rugs to cover over and then once it's a dining room redo the hardwood. I didn't go with this however because soft rugs can be expensive and large rugs that are good are not cheap...or at least not cheaper than a mid range carpet. I always worry about injuries occurring with edges of rugs.

    In my daycare room there is no food, no arts and crafts and no drinks all of that is in my eating area so my carpet should stay relatively clean. Of course when it is time to toilet train then I will have to rug doctor it from time to time, but overall carpet is for sure my first choice.

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    I like the resistance that carpet gives. I have lots of friends that complain about the kids moving all of the furniture around the room including tables and chairs etc because it moves so easily. Carpet is much better at anchoring things. For those just learning to walk it supports their falls better. My playroom is in the basement so carpet on cement floor. We went with a less expensive but dense pile carpet but upgraded the underpad for warmth, it is made for moisture control in a basement too. Didn't bother doing the wood/rubber subfloor with the moisture wick pad.

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