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Thread: Maternity Leave

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    Maternity Leave

    I have a daycare family who is pregnant . How I found out was through a disagrement and she told me because she was mad.

    A few days later I asked her what her plans where once she will be taking maternity leave. If she would be keeping her son in my daycare or taking him out because she will be on maternity leave. She said "I want to keep him in".

    I am not sure if i trust that she will really keep him in and was wondering if making a contract about staying through maternity leave for her would be a good idea to make sure she sticks to her word and then if she does not sign it find someone else?

    What are your thoughts and ideas I need some good advice.

    Thank you kindly.

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    Decide if you will have room for the baby once mat leave is over. If the answer is no then there is no reason for her to have to stay. Even if you give her a contract she only has to give you a couple weeks notice and it can be broken. I would probably offer her 4-6 weeks after baby is born to recouperate while child comes to care - let her use as much or as little as she wants to but advertise to fill the space what would be 2 months after her due date.

    The fact she only revealed the news because she was mad tells you right there to cut your ties.

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    Trust your gut instinct. She is not happy with you. I would start looking for a replacement family as it sounds like she is telling you what you want to hear until she makes other arrangements.

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    I would start to advertise for that space. She could change her mind, and probably will. If she is already upset about something, it's doubtful that she will keep 1st kid in while she is at home. More likely that she will take him/her out virtually immediately, and then start to look for new care (or come knocking at your door, again) closer to her return to work.

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