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    Hello, i new at home childcare.....


    I will be opening my home childcare shortly and just wanted to say hello. I have been poking around this site/forum. What a wonderful resource!!

    I am in London Ontario - the Riverside/Forward Ave area. (I would love to find a home childcare close by to partner up with for play dates in a park - anyone close by?)

    I am still finishing up my paper work - contract etc. Organizing the house, meal and activty planning.

    I would love to chat about your experiences/expertise! I have so many questions..
    Like - How do you:
    - Ready your own children for a cildcare in their home?
    - Manage meal prep and gorceries for the childcare and also your own family dinners?
    - find time to clean!?!?
    - do you use a accountant or keep track of things yourself?

    Thanks in advance!


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    welcome! I plan on opening soon too!!! I have all the same questions as you so I will just lurk. I feel there is so much to do!! I need to do some renovations to my house, organize and get my current business (family owned business) in order so it doesn't take much on my part to run it along with the daycare, contracts, meal plans all that stuff. I decided to try only taking teachers childrens so with all that I am hoping to open in sept but not sure I will be ready and might have to wait till Jan.. which would suck cause i dont know how many teachers will join in the middle of the year!
    anyways welcome! i am new too! and look forward to hearing the answers to your questions!

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    Hi welcome to the forum ...
    My daycare is separate from my personnel space. The only time we go upstairs is for napping. The parents enter through my garage and go right into my basement. This is my third year. I use an accountant to do my taxes. Some providers use an excel program to put all their fees and expenses in but I use good old fashioned paper. I have way too many problems with computers crashing that I don't trust them. I just have a duo tang and a page for each family that records the date of each payment , how much, and the method (I only accept cash or EMT ), and I keep all my receipts.
    I purchased four free standing pantries with doors from Canadian tire and I arranged my toys in them and put child locks on them. I open a different one each day and that's my form if toy rotation it also makes it easier for clean up and when they are away the doors are closed and looks neater. I had my children keep their special toys in their rooms and the daycare kids can't touch those.
    When I opened I had my two youngest at home and I didn't do anything to prepare them they were just happy to have a few friends come over everyday.
    I prep my families dinner during nap time and I make extra to serve the dck the next day so it's a matter of just warming up. I do my groceries on weekends. Sometimes I remember to separate them at the store and do a sepArate order but generally not so I just use a highlighter to separate them and total them up.
    The kids tidy up the toys everyday and I start the lunch dishes as they are eating and finish them off just after they go to bed. I vacuum the daycare a couple times a week. As for my own space I have a house cleaner come in every Friday. (I hate to clean).

    Hope this helps good luck

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