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Thread: Sick Days

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    Sick Days

    So, I have been running my dayhome for not quite a year so I am still slowly working out bugs within my contract as situations come up. I have a detailed sick days section but it only states what happens when the daycare child is ill (days are still paid for). My question is...what do I do when my children are ill? Am I entitled to sick days with pay? My monthly fees are based on ft. so if they are 3 days/wk they pay a certain amount every month whether the kids come or not. My daughter was sick yesterday and both the day care moms want days in lieu in April. They also both text me last night (they are close friends and I feel ganged up on) and told me I shouldn't be open today. (the last time I checked, that was my decision, it is up to them if they want to bring their kids.) Anyways....as it turns out, my child is too sick for me to be open. But she was fine last night (that's why I thought I would be able to open).

    So I ended up telling them that I would give them 2 free days each for each child (2 kids each). I am just wondering if I can add to my contract that i am allowed a certain number of paid sick days per year. And can I just add it by a memo or do I have to redo my contract (which I just rewrote in January).

    I have bent over backwards to accommodate these 2 ladies as well (I originally let them split 2 ft spots and turned away other people looking for ft spots) . And since they tag team texted me last night I know I won't take on close friends as clients again.

    Anyways....what are your sick day policies when it comes to yourself and your little ones. (this is the first sick days I have taken in 10 months, so it's not like I abuse it)

    Thank you in advance!

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    I get 10 paid sick days per year.

    If my kids are sick, it depends on what they have weather or not I close or remain open. It is my business so the parents can NOT tell me when I should be open or closed. If I am open they have the right not to bring their child, BUT they still have to pay for the day.

    I would stop bending over backwards for them and start advertising. If you can find replacements then get rid of them. They are taking advantage of you and you deserved better.

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    I don't have sick days. I do have 10 paid holidays per year. If I need to close unexpectedly because of illness or whatever... it's not paid by the parents. If my kids are sick I let the parents know and their choice to come or not. I have not been obligated to close because of my own kids health so far. It's been colds and stomach flus and we have been able to cope. If not my husband usually can be here and stay with my kids outside the daycare area as much as possible. So far all my parents bring their kids in anyway. Fortunately in 18 months of daycare we have no been ill to often and never closed... Knock on wood !!

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    I think it might depend on the area you are in. I have, in addition to 10 vacation days, 4 personal days that can be used as sick days.
    I try not to close, of course. But it will happen sometimes. I will work through my own colds etc, as well as my kids, if there is excessive vomting etc, then I have to close!

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    My holidays are unpaid so I think I may add to my contract that I am aloud a certain number of sick days per year. Now...should I wait until July to change it when my contract is up for review or can I add a memo that they have to sign? Also....does anyone else find that the day home parents seem to blame all illnesses back onto the dayhome. We have had non stop colds all winter with all the kids and the moms always make some comment about getting it from my kids. Funny since we are housebound the majority of the week, and don't go anywhere but outside for walks (no public places with germy people). Chances are they bring it to us. but really it could come from anywhere. I just find this rude as I am always disinfecting and cleaning mine and the kids hands.

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