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    Looks like this was bumped by spam. But to add my 2 cents, I love cloth diapers in my daycare! Parents send pre-stuffed pocket diapers or all-in-ones, so they go on very quickly just like a disposable. They never leak poop, and I get to send them home at the end of the day! I hate diaper garbage. I take it out daily, but its still awful. I used cloth on my own kids though, so I was able to help daycare families troubleshoot to fix any issues that came up.

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    cloth diapers

    Choosing the type of cloth diaper you'd like to use largely comes down to a matter of budget and personal taste. Fortunately, there are cloth diapers on the market today to suit just about anyone.

    Once you've decided what kind of diaper you prefer, the next question is what type of fabric you'd like the diaper to be made of: synthetic or natural. Synthetic fabrics - which include suedecloth, microfiber, microterry and polyester fleece - are more durable and wick moisture away from baby, but they are petroleum-based. Natural fabrics - which include wool, cotton, hemp and bamboo - allow your baby to feel wetness more quickly and are made from renewable fibers.

    When choosing natural fabrics, looking for organic wool and organic cotton products ensures that these materials were made without the use of synthetic chemicals, which is better for the environment as well.

    If you're looking for an organic cloth diaper, here's a selection of some of the top products available today.Made in Pakistan using 100% certified organic cotton twill, these inserts come in an unbleached color, grow softer with every washing and are very affordable.

    They should be paired with a diaper cover to protect clothing and prevent leaks, since they're not waterproof.To remove natural oils and waxes, these diapers must be washed and dried at least 3 times before use. These pre-washes will shrink the diapers by as much as 25%. The diapers come in three sizes designed to fit babies from 4-9 lbs., 7-15 lbs. and 15-40 lbs. after this shrinkage.

    This diaper combines the natural durability and anti-bacterial properties of hemp with the softness of organic cotton. Made of 55% hemp and 45% organic cotton, it comes in two sizes designed to fit babies from 5-15 lbs. and 15-40 lbs.

    The diaper also includes a snap-in soaker to provide added absorbency for heavy wetters and ruffled legs and proprietary elastic to prevent diaper blow-outs. Its sturdy snap closures are easy for parents to use but can prove difficult for curious toddlers to manipulate, preventing them from taking off the diaper when it needs to stay on. The diaper's overlapping wings also ensure a good fit even for skinny babies.

    These diapers are not waterproof, so they should be paired with a diaper cover to protect clothing and prevent leaks.

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