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    Ideas for older kids

    Do you guys "play" with dck who are 3 and over? I find they always need ideas on "what can we do now" meanwhile there are a million and one toys in the space to play with. I like o encourage free play and imagination. Just find toddlers are better at exploring on their own but the older kids always seem bored. Just wondering what you ladies do with your group?

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    Set up dramatic play stations for them and then leave them to it. This is what happens if children are not left to have some free and independant play. They dont develop strong independent skills so need to be constantly entertained. Some ideas for dramatic play can be based around themes if you follow them with the younger kids. When we do "vacation" theme I picked up an old suitcase from the thrift store and packed it with shorts and tshirts, sunglasses, empty sunscreen lotion bottles, maps, play passports which also doubles as a craft, flip flops etc etc the list is endless and its a cheap set up which will last for years to come while providing endless hours of fun with minimal adult participation required. Other themes can be hairdresser with hair brushes, combs, empty product bottles, even a cheap dollarstore plastic shower fixture...the kids love this. Picnic theme with a blanket, play food and crockery, themes based on different countries exposing the kids to other cultures. This is my favourite thing to do with that age group. It is their number one activity. I also do sensory buckets more and more but due to small parts I have to watch closely while this is in progress.

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