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    Upkeep of new home

    Kind of, pretty much, slightly unrelated to daycare...hence why its posted in "This and That"

    I moved into my current home in August 2012. I have no intention of moving again as this is my 5th house in 12 years. I have this new found pride of ownership that I have never had in any of my previous homes. This morning I just had someone round to make arrangements for duct work cleaning, furnace and fireplace cleaning, and while it is pricey, I am very happy that for the first time I am taking steps to preserve my home in the hopes of preventing costly repairs down the road due to lack of maintenance.

    I am also having a plusaire system installed as I have an 8 year old house which is rediculously tight so we have an alarming amount of condensation inside the house which I have already had to treat for mold when we first moved in.

    I am replacing three windows too, as for some bizarre reason the builder didnt install frosted glass in any of the bathrooms. It will be so nice to take a relaxing bath with some natural light coming in without the need to close my california shutters and put the lights on in the middle of the day.

    In the next 4-6 weeks I will be FINALLY getting my garden fence posts put in and then my husband will finish the panels. Just in time for summer. Prior to this though, we have a huge old maple tree in a neighbours house that hangs over our house an awful lot and it is easily 10-15 feet taller than our two story home. A tree surgeon is coming in to give it a good downsize without killing it. That will be taken care of in the next couple of weeks.

    Once all this is done my daycare room will be built on the main floor. It was the plan to do it immediatly but instead we have had the daycare room in the "master" space and used the main floor closed off dining room as our bedroom. Its very small now only 10x12 but it is next to a laundry room space (we relocated all plumbing and washer and dryer to the basement a couple of months ago) and when they are knocked through together we will have an irregular shaped 12x17 playroom with double french glass doors. I cant wait for a main floor playroom again and my wonderful 13x18 master bedroom back :-)

    I am so excited to play house :-) I sound like a first time homebuyer lol

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    Regarding the bathroom windows you don't have to replace the whole window you can buy a frosted sticker like thing ( for lack of better wording ) from Home Depot that you just put on your existing pane and voila a frosted window plus there are other options. Talk to someone at Home Depot or Rona to see what else you can do. Some I know bought this stuff( not sure what it was made of) came in a bottle with a point on the end and she squirted it on The window to make a design and that made it hard to see in. The contents of the bottle was opaque in color .... Kind of like finger painting

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    I'm exactly the same bright sparks! Moved to this house in August and I can't stop looking for patio furniture! I am not a gardener but am excited to plant flowers in clean up our gardens!!

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    If you want to preserve the plumbing, water using appliances and your taps I would strongly suggest you invest in a water softener. We have had one for 6 months and our dry skin in gone, I use less shampoo and detergent, and I don't have to worry about lime deposits in the plumbing and appliances which extends the life of everything.

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    Hallo, u bent bezig met reparatiewerkzaamhed en, ik kan het gebruik van wolkenplafond aanbevelen, omdat het een uitstekende keuze is voor koele verlichting. Visueel zal de ruimte groter lijken door meer licht en comfortabeler zijn.

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