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    Pre-Planning for a home daycare(Need some Advice!!)

    Hello Everyone,

    I’m planning on opening a daycare in about 6 months’ time – my goal is to keep costs relatively low and expand with the business.
    I’d like to rent out a medium sized-small location and run an unlicensed/home daycare at first while ironing out details before expansion.
    My question is if I have two adults or even three in Quebec your allowed 6 kids per adult without a license for an at home daycare – If there is two adults can I have 12 kids?
    Does the daycare have to be in my home?
    What worries me about the licensed private daycare is the 5 year leases you must provide to the qc government. A 5 Year lease is a big investment and I’d like to test the waters before I commit to a 5 year commitment..

    Also the autocad design and approval required by an architect to send to the government – all of these things seem costly and again I would like to test the waters business wise prior with an unlicensed/home daycare.

    Any help is much appreciated…

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    ...? no help

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    Mostly this is a group for home daycare providers not for centre owners. You might want to try a different search. No there isn't a lot we can help you with. Also rules vary by province and municipality so that is the place to start and licensing will give you a list of things you need to do.

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    Yes this is why I posted on this forum

    It would be essentially a home day care.. I'm just wondering the capacity in quebec with 2 adults if anyone knows? I read 9?

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    Ok I misunderstsood in that you are planning to move to a home that will be suitable for daycare. If you have your daycare in a place other than where you live it becomes a centre even if it is a home and must be zoned accordingly. A home daycare is just that - the children come to the home that you live in. I am in Ontario so can't help you regulations.

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