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Thread: Action songs?

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    Action songs?

    My guys have been really enjoying action songs like sleeping bunnies, head and shoulders and shake my sillies out (my personal favorite). What are some other good ones for 1-4 year olds?

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    The favorites here are ring around the rosie, if you're happy and you know it, and ''Sur le pond d'avignon'' and ''Savez-vous planter des choux'' if you know a little French.

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    The wheels on the bus and the hokey pokey song are other favourites here. We also have quite a few laughs with the itsy bitsy spider.

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    My kids love action songs, itsy bitsy spider, ring around the rosie and skinnamirki dinky dink....is fun and I also just say "reach up high, reach down low, touch your head and touch your toes" we always clap after and the kids love it

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    Oh, there are so many! It's endless. But when I want to find something new I google and find tons of things for new ideas. I do that every week for my themes and the words of old standard tunes can be changed to new rhymes for any theme in the world.
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