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    Looking for a Quad Stroller In or near London Ontario

    If anyone comes across a quad stroller for sale please let me know i have been tryingt o find one for quite awhile with no luck you can email me if you know of someone looking to sell one or where to find one reasonably priced, my email address is nicolerussell12@hotm ail.com

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    Aunt T here, I too have been looking for a quad stroller in or around London also reasonably priced . I do have an idea though not sure if it will work but? My husband and his CAR friends are going to attempt to attach and/or build a bracket that will attach my two older style side by side double strollers ?I will let you know so far it has only cost me $40

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    I got my wagon from Smitty's Lil Haulers in London and love it for taking the kids out. I use the harnesses from walmart to secure the kids in the wagon and can take my whole gang of toddlers in there as I have the large one. www.toywagons.com

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