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Thread: Your clothes

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    I to was going to post on this. I want to be professional looking but some days I don't feel like wearing make up and nice clothes, I opt for a sweater and cargo pants or something super casual. My question is what do you parents see day to day from us? Do you think they notice no make up, casual vs frumpy? I think I'd notice and wonder if my provider was lazy or didn't care about herself. But we are human, we want frumpy days now and again right? Your thoughts on this?

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    What my parents see is that I am dressed like their children and able to get down on the floor and play and not care if spit up or paint or worse hits me. That doesn't mean my clothes are ripped or torn but they are sweats and tshirts or crop pants and tshirts all summer. My hair is combed, I dont' wear makeup and I smile nicely when they arrive even if I wish I was still in bed.

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    Just like playfelt said! I wear comfy clothes, so dance pants (or yoga pants, whatever you call them), t-shirts, zip up hoodies in the winter. In the summer, capris, tshirts, tanks, soccer shorts, etc. Oh, and my shirts are all long in length, and because I'm larger chested I have no low-cut shirts.

    I don't wear make-up period. Well, only for dancing with the dance team and while going out with hubby or friends. I'm clean, my hair is brushed, and I'm presentable.

    My parents know that I may be groggy in the morning, and the kids have free play for an hour - an hour & a half until I 'wake' up! lol oops!

    But the parents know that their child is learning, and having fun at daycare, so why worry about what the provider is wearing knowing that their child is safe?

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    a couple of my parents have commented on how it must be nice just to wear what you want and be comfy.... they all know that I"m not a morning person, that I roll out of bed precisely with enough time to get dressed and get downstairs to open the door! LOL!

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    Well, I follow Muslim traditions, so I wear Muslim clothing, and I can tell you that it's very comfortable. Well, everything depends on the fabric, of course, and it can be a problem.

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