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    Health issues and daycare closing

    So, lately I've been having some health issues. Nothing very serious but definitely some days are more difficult than others. I've been able to manage but now it seems like medical appointments will become a bit more frequently and that means I will need to close the daycare more often. When I say frequently I mean maybe 3-4 more times for testing and follow ups and hopefully it will be resolved at the end of this. I've closed twice so far and feel horrible every time. My families have been very understanding and no one complained ...yet. I still fear how it will affect my business. I am looking for a someone who can fill in on those days. I already changed my insurances to cover for an employee. The thing is there is only one person I trust to cover for me and she is not available at this time. She did say she was interested but she has a lot on her plate right now. I don't need an employee on a regular basis but only to cover these appointments.

    Have any of you been through this and how have you dealt with it ?

    Thanks for your help once again.

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    apples and bananas
    It's hard when we have to close as we feel an obligation to our clients. If I were in this situation I wouldn't have anyone cover me, it's just not in my comfort zone.

    I would advise my parents that I will be closing more often then normal, hopefully short term. I would pick a day for apt where I was inconveniencing the least amount of clients. I would also book as far in advance as possible and give as much notice as possible.

    Hopefully they all have back up and you can maintain the same clients. I wouldn't leave a daycare because they had medical issues that made them close the odd time unless they geve me little to no notice. I think as long as your respectful and plan ahead you'll be ok.

    I hope all is well with you and this becomes very short term.

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