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    What do you charge for after school care?

    I have been reading this forum for a long time but have never posted. I had to close my daycare because we bought in a new neighbourhood and had a baby at the same time. I'm trying to get back into the swing of things in my new neighbourhood but finding it tough here. I have one f/t starting in May and have an interview with another family tomorrow. This family would like me to pick up their 6 year old from the school just down the street at 3:30pm and care for him until 6pm. What would you charge for that time? I used to charge $50/day at my old place but can't get that in my new neighbourhood. I am currently charging $45/day but don't have any idea what is a fair rate for after school care. Any help would be appreciated.

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    If a full day is 45 and you are caring for the child from 3:30 - 6, including a pick up. I would probably charge around the $17.00 mark. $20 seems too much, but it doesn't seem worth it for $15.00. Unless you did $15.00 for 5 days consistently regardless of the child being sick or away.

    I would check with the after school program at the local school and see what they charge.

    My b/a charge is the same before and after or just before or just after regardless or coming both or just one.

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    i personally would charge 15 dollars. i think 20 is a bit too much, at least in my area it is.

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    i currently charge $10 for b/a care per child. Another provider in my area only charges 4/hr. For new clients I will be charging a flat rate of $15. School kids are very hyper when they come home and harder to handle. plus you will be walking to pick up from the school? it may be hard when you have a few little ones.

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    I used to charge $10 for before or after but $15 if you used them both. That was when the daily rate was $30 for everyone else.

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    I am charging $80 a week that includes pd days. School holidays summer vacation it will be $180 a week.

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    I charge $15 for one or the other and $25 for both with a max of 1.5 hours on either end (so a total of 3 hours if the max is used)

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