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    Hello, it depends on the veggie at breakfast. I usually sneek a few vegetables into the juicer with some fruit. Or a few carrots/celery etc on the plate. It sounds unusual but the kids don't seems to mind

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    I've never done meal planning, although I always think it would be a great way to go. I did let parents know what their kids ate that day via communication books, but gave those up as they were far too boring and time consuming. I now have a white board posted in the entrance, and will be writing what we had that day. It will be posted for parents to see at the end of the day, and that still gives me total flexibility if I change the menu last minute due to a longer stay at the park or whatever.
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    I don't do a meal plan really. I buy what's on sale for the week so I sit down with all the flyer's and make my list. This helps my budget and it gives variety to what we eat.

    Morning snacks are usually a grain (toast, waffle, pancake,bagel etc) with a fruit and milk or water. They don't really like smoothies but every now and then I'll make them.

    Afternoon snacks are usually crackers/cheese, cheese/veggies, yogurt/cracker, pudding/cracker, fruit/cracker.....I change the cracker's up with whatever's on sale (goldfish, graham, ritz, breton etc) and whatever is left in their sippy cup from lunch. If they drank it all, it's water.

    For meals I try to do something from all 4 food groups and then usually a fruit or yogurt for dessert. They get milk or watered down juice. My kids thankfully all like water so my milk and juice servings have really decreased. However, they are really picky with veggies so I admit I need to try harder with that. They love stews and chili's though so I get the veggies in that and for some reason they eat them that way!

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