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    Quote Originally Posted by playfelt View Post
    I would simply be upfront with the family and say that the smell of smoke is causing health issues and unfortunately you are going to have to terminate. Then discuss a timeline so that the family has plenty of time to look for alternate care. Presumably this is something that came up soon after the family came into care so they likely still have the names of other providers they interviewed as well as you as a provider may still be able to reach one of the other families you interviewed. Was the smell not an issue at the interview?
    I had a sinus infection when he first came to visit and the first few days he was here! LOL Talk about bad timing right ??
    The thing is I really like the little guy. He gets along great with the others and comes from a single parent family....he doesn't have a great home life etc.
    Aside from the smell I love having him here
    Also , I found out he might be leaving in a few weeks.
    BUT I will not make this mistake again.

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    We should add that to the list of questions when we interview

    "Does anyone in the home smoke"

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    I am so happy to be reading this, as I never thought to check for that. I do have a smoke free daycare, but never considered the parents smoking in their home as a possible nuisance. I am too slightly allergic to smoke. I have one dad who smokes (not in the home or car) but when he comes to pick up his daughter, his smell lingers in the home...yuck! To sunflower, good luck sorting this one out, it's tricky but you have to think of yourself and the other kids primarily.

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    A few years back I had a little girl that smelled like that.As soon as she came in my door she was stripped and put in the tub.I scrubbed her hair and body and went to the thrift store and bought a few sets of clothes in her size for her to wear in my home.I tried to wash her clothes if i had time or in the nice weather at least hang them out. I have just discovered that all my children I currently have 1 or more of the parents smokes.Difference is I did not know,the children do not stink only 1 time one of their coats smelled so i simply placed it in out attatched garage till home time.In ontario is there not a law about smoking around children? I have never smoked but hubby used to and he would never consider being around children even out doors when smoking,I seen him even in a park 1 time walk away to the street to have a smoke.Thank goodness he quit that habbit 6 years ago and it is no longer a issue

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    Absolutely. you need to take this up with the parents. Kindly say .....I'm sorry.....can't look after anymore due to the smoke smell....Be honest. You owe it to the child....

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    Second hand smoke is as dangerous as smoking itself. Especially for kids

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    I agree that second-hand smoking is a bad practice for non-smokers. I, for one, smoke every so often, and not just cigarettes but weed, and when I do it, I prefer to act responsibly. I leave an area with non-smokers and only then start the process. By the way, I buy weed in getgreen weed store. If you are interested in it too, then I recommend you check their offers.
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