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    Nothing to play with?!

    So, it's a rainy (very light intermittent mist really) morning here in eastern Ontario and we all headed outside to splash in some puddles. Usually outside time involves me dragging an assortment of playthings (varies with the day) out from their home in the garage. Today, I decided to not take anything at all put to play with. Of course, this was not routine so everyone stood around puzzled for a bit but were soon having a blast with sticks, leaves, dirt and puddles. That made me smile
    Children are great imitators.
    So give them something great to imitate.


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    Love that! I try to make outside play like that as much as possible. Let them explore nature and use their imaginations.

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    That's great! I love days like that. We have a park nearby that has a little wooded area. I am always excited when the toddlers start heading over there instead of wanting to slide, swing and such. It's way more fun, AND educational. We have great talks about everything we see, touch, etc.

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    I keep pails and shovels under my slide outside for days when we can't travel to the park. Chasing bubbles always work well for quite a while. Walking around looking for a bug, flower, bird or an interesting rock works well, floating leaves on puddles and pretending they are little boats, it's what I call imagination time.
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