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    9 month old won't nap

    I'm not kidding. I'm lucky if I get an hour tops out of this DCB in a 9.5 hour day. Has anyone else had this problem?

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    Have you tried reducing the amount of sugar... when my son was younger even eating fruit before nap time would affect him... I also followed the advice giving in this forum to let him CIO... He eventually started to get it that he had to lay down and sleep. He is very active, even if he looks tired he does not want to go to bed...

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    SOme kids get enough at night and don't need to actually sleep in the daytime. All of my kids had given up am naps by 6 months and 2 of the 4 afternoon naps by 10 months and the rest by 15 months. But that didn't mean I was available to entertain them all day either. They still went into their cribs where there were activity boards and things attached. And sometimes I put on music for them. But it still gave me an hour to eat lunch and take a break. Then would get my own kids up and have a cuddle before getting daycare kids up. But at the same time they slept 7:30 pm to 7:30 am so 12 hours overnight as compared to many kids that get 9-10 hours overnight and then need to make up the difference in the daytime. The joys of being home and letting them sleep in or not needing to keep them up in the evening to visit with me.

    I would still put baby to bed just in a place by himself and not be overly concerned if he falls asleep unless his behaviour is showing he clearly needs more sleep. Find out how much he is in bed at home.

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