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    MEDICINE>>>over dosage????

    I have a 1year old dcg whom was prescribed 7ml 3 times a day of amoxcillian and was acting really odd today confused, dizzy, disoriented, and very irritable im worried cause my 6 year old has never even been given that much.......what do you think? should I say something?

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    Trace of Angels
    Why were they given amox? My two year old usually gets 5ml twice a day. If it is a recurring ear infection that hasn't healed I know they sometimes give a higher dosage and it depends on the actual strength of the medicine I think.
    But if she was acting strange than I would for sure say something. You don't want the parents to give her supper, bath and bed and maybe not notice. After all better safe than sorry............IMO

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    Absolutely I would have called the Mom right away to get her to call the pharmacy. So what if your wrong a child's health is at stake.

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    dosage is dependant on a lot of factors, there are a few strengths of Amoxil and she may have been given the lower strength and a larger amount at each dose. The symptoms could be inner ear if she has an ear infection, if the behavior continues mention it to the parents and they could re-contact the pharmacy or doctor to confirm

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    the dosage is based on the weight of the child. I have a 15 month old in my day home and he is currently on amoxil for an ear infection and his dosage is 8ml 3 x a day....he's 30lbs.....

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