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Thread: Eating issues

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    Eating issues

    So I have two kids in my daycare. One won’t eat or drink all day!!! And I mean all day. Mom brings him after breakfast and will pack his lunch and snack. He will drink about 4oz all day. He is a year. I also have a two year old girl who just stores food in her cheeks all day. Today we had oranges with breakfast and it is now snack time and I found some in her mouth still. This happened all the time. I am worried about her chocking at nap time. Her mom just says o that is her trick she is tricky like that. What would you guys do in this case?

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    fluids would be my number one priority and I would definitely clear the dcg's mouth of any uneaten food especially at nap time.

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    Leave her at the lunch table till she swallows. And yes fluids would be the most important thing so if you get 4 ounces in to him during the day it's at least something .... As he settles in he will begin to eat and drink more ...

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    Thanks I forgot to mention the dcg has been with me a year now and the dcb 3 months.

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    For the one year old see if mom will also pack his bowl and spoon from home as that can make a difference to some kids. Be on the same page as mom as to if he is spoon fed or finger feeds.

    As for the chipmunk - give her a piece of paper towel and ask her to spit it out. If she doesn't then sweep it out for safety reasons. The child I had this issue with turned out to have a reflux issue and swallowing issues we needed to work through (tests were done, meds started and he had to be taught to eat all over again).

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