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    Do you charge less for older kids

    Still in the planning stage here but curious if you would charge less or the same for watching older children during the summer months? I'm just wondering if you had a spot and someone who was 10 or 11 needed care would you charge the same as an infant or toddler since they are taking the spot but would take less hands on care. I'm thinking since I have a child of my own this age they would play together.......

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    I charge the same for all children. IMO a spot is a spot. It doesn't matter how old the child is. If you're taking up a spot, it's a flat rate fee. Plus, older children eat more and will use up more craft supplies.

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    I charge for the spot as well not the age..but in all honesty I wish I could charge more for the older kids. I find them far more difficult to deal with, they require more time and attention and the attitude alone should be worth millions lol I actually don't take school age children anymore as I found they just were too much work and stress for the daily pay!

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    Charge the same cause as the other ladies have already said ... They eat more and sometimes need more attention cause they are always "bored" and if the child clashes personality wise (may seem good in the beginning but once they spend every day together problems arise) you will be referee too..... They don't want to do the same things as the younger ones and you have to start thinking of what to do to please both age groups .... Yikes now I remember why I don't do school age.

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    A spot is a spot so, yes, they pay the same. Besides, older kids eat way more so that is a bigger expense for you.

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    Thanks! I haven't even advertised yet but someone approached me so it got me thinking! I will stick with the regular rate if I decide to take school age kids, especially when I think about ho much they eat!

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    I charge more for older kids. The older they get, the harder they are to care for and the more supervision they require. I charge the most for school age kids.
    I also don't give discounts for siblings. That is really one of the dumbest nonsensical ideas I have run across as of yet.

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