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    Overnight Care- What to Charge, should I do it?

    Hi ladies, one of my daycare Moms asked if I could take her daughter overnight next month as she has to work late/work early the next day (Saturday)...her Mother usually takes her but will be out of town.
    This is actually a friend of mine, so not just a daycare parent I don't really know and her daughter is a sweetie (and great friends with my Son). Where I am hesitant is that the night she wants me to watch her is the first day of my week holidays (so pro:I will get a bit extra money since I will be out a weeks pay from my holiday, con: I will have a child for one day of my holidays haha)

    I am also wondering what to charge? She needs me from Friday night to Saturday late afternoon. This child doesn't come on Fridays so she is dropping her off around 4. I charge $30 a day...not sure what to do or if I should even do it/if it would be worth it? This child doesn't sleep well at home (she is 2) but her parents also let her get away with a lot

    Any advice would be great!!

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    Well, if you do decide to do it, make sure you charge enough to make it worth your while. I'm sure she knows you are on vacation then, plus it goes into a weekend.

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    Personally, I definitely would not do this. I value my family time too much and I would definitely not want to be lying there sleepless worrying about someone else's child! Also, I would feel that the liability would be way too high. What if she gets up and wanders in the night while you are sleeping? Or worse, something happens and she dies in her sleep because you were asleep and didn't hear her...I know this is an awful and morbid thought, but these things can happen. I also feel it opens your family up to liability as there is always a chance they could be accused of something (you were sleeping...how can you prove that someone did not molest the child in the night)...again terrible things to think about, but I am a paranoid person..LOL. Those are just the worst case scenarios...but even if she just wakes up frequently or has trouble going to sleep...you may be in for a long night! If you do decide to do it, you had better charge enough to make all of this risk and hassle worth it.

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    If you decide to do it I would charge $50 for the night and $30 for the next day. So, it would cost $80.00. She may not take you up on this as it seems kind of steep to a mom. You need to charge enough so it's worth your while but not so much that it's outrageous.

    I've done overnights for my daycare kids before. I charge $55.00 and my normal daily rate is $35.00 I couldn't do an overnight for any less. Even if they sleep wonderfully, I still don't sleep as well because I'm constantly aware that they're here.

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    If you have daycare coverage, are you covered for having a child stay overnight?

    Are you open to doing this more in the long run? As once you agree to it once there is a greater possibility to being asked again. Are you open to providing this service to all the clients you provide care for?

    $75 is the number that pops into my head. Maybe check what the going rate for overnight care is in your area.

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    Time wise you are looking at the equivalent of two days ie Friday evening/overnight as one day and Sat all day as the second day so at minimum double your daily rate is where to start. That would then be $60 but given the reasons and the fact you are technically on vacation then a flat $75 everything included ie meals does not seem out of the ordinary.

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