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    Thanks for pooping on my bath mat!

    So new dcg (3) is awesome but not potty trained and scared to death of the potty etc. I get that and the parents aren't pushing her although they tend to coddle her a lot I gather. The scary thing is that she needs to be trained for Sept for a daycare she will be starting and I don't see that happening at the rate they are moving. Well today she pooped in her pull up and said she was all done. I cleaned her up and went to throw out the diaper. I came back and a second "wave" had come and she pooped all over the bathmat. This was just one of many things today. Today is not my day!!

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    Anyone that poops in a pullup gets laid on the floor or change table depending on size, sides ripped and changed like a baby. New diaper would be on before she knew what was going on. What it means is she knew she wasn't supposed to poop in the pullup and did but stopped it as soon as she could but of course couldn't hold it any longer as soon as she moved her legs to get the first pullup off.

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    Yes, I agree... if you're pooping in anything you get laid down to get cleaned up. I can't do a proper wipe otherwise.

    I hope your day gets better and I hope she just wakes up one morning and is perfectly trained.

    My son trained late into his 3's .. I thought I was the worst potty trainer ever! But once he did it, that was it. We just needed to wait until he was mature enough to do it.

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    My bathmat matches my bathroom decor and I like it. So it gets picked up every morning and put back after the children go home. Are you going to start doing that in the morning? Yuck!
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