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Thread: Milk Allergy

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    A lot of kids with an egg allergy are ok if it is in something like muffins since one egg spread across 24 muffins is an almost insignificant amount per muffin and doesn't directly touch the child's mouth/throat etc.

    Some also do ok with part of the egg. My oldest - 28 years old now daughter doesn't do well on a regular egg but is ok with the liquid egg you buy in the dairy section. If an egg is scrambled she does better - ie the yolk and white are mixed together. Her reaction was always just a milk stomach ache and she ate eggs growing up just not before a major event.

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    There is treatment for allergy and it utilizes the Immune System to fix an immune problem.
    There are 2 controls by the immune system which are compared to Yin-yang or positive & negative.
    1. The helper T Cell functions to increase antibodies
    2. The Suppressor T Cell functions to decrease antibodies also called Regulatory T cells or T Reg cells

    Oral Tolerance is the method that scientist & researchers called this treatment.
    It harnesses the T REg cells and lowers gluten antibodies.

    The good news is this method has been successful in animal trials.
    However, it has not been successful in human trials.
    The reason for the human failure is lack of a blood factor called B7. Animal experiments were done on young animals and their immune systems produced good enough quantities of B7.

    The good news is that certain Herbs are able to induce B7 ( a lymphokine) by blood lymphocytes.

    Modern Medicine has joined with research in doing experiments but their policy is herbs are not part of their approved ingredients because herbs can not be patented and will not generate much return.

    However, our company has combined the knowledge of Oral Tolerance and herbs to produce a successful formula. There are over 40 known herbs that are able to induce B7 by lymphocytes.
    There is one last hurdle in this formula. To produce the needed B7, the dose must be a certain dosage on humans and we found that though B7 is induced, the blood cells that produced the B7 also produce other lymphokines such as Tumor necrosis Factor, Interferons and Interleukins many of these cause inflammation in the body and inflammation leads to failure since it causes increase of antibodies. Therefore to create a successful formula, we had to experiment with various herbs and herb formula and found certain herb combinations lead to minimum inflammation.
    So our formula is Oral Tolerance which is antigens as peptide and the correct herb to produce B7.
    Since the formula lowers 3 Antibodies Immunoglobins M & Immunoglobin G &Immunoglobin E , the Immunoglobin E is involved in allergies -it heals allergies.

    Altho our site is on gluten - antigen, we can prepare a formula specific for Milk allergy.
    contact us and we can prepare such a formula.

    More info at:

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