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    Bicycle Trailers

    My husband and I recently picked up a trailer that hooks onto a bike for carrying little ones. It can hold one or two kids and has a sunshade and harness. We are expecting our 2nd so we will use it later on anyways, but my husband would like to take daycare kids in it if we take a trip to the park or something. (He sometimes will pull a wagon, or push one of the strollers as we have 4-6 kids with us) This helps me out big time.

    Anyways, where we do not have helmets for the children, do you think this is okay to use on the sidewalk, (if he rides the bike on the sidewalk, pulling it behind.) Our sidewalks are very empty and in a quiet residential area, not much pedestrian traffic. And he will be biking at my walking pace, not far ahead of me and the others of course. I think as long as he stays on the sidewalk, and he is not crossing any roads it could be fine. the walk to the park takes about 10 mins.

    What are your thoughts? is this illegal for kids (under 18 obviously) to be riding/pulled by a bicycle without helmets??
    I asked one of the parent today if dck has a helmet (15 mos) and they do not have one for her, said they could not find one small enough for her....??

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    Hi! Just a little side comment... We use a trailer on our bike, for personal use and I just wanted to mention that helmets are available for children even younger than 15 months.

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    Yes, my understanding is that if a child is being transported by bike (or bike trailer) the Ontario law requires them to be wearing helmets even if you are on the side walk.

    I'm jealous! I want a bike trailer for my own two littles. My sister has one. She and her girls love it!!
    ~ Mama to 4, Dayhome provider ~

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    Yes, according to Ontario Ministry of Transportation:
    "Children are required to wear an approved bicycle helmet when riding in a child carrier or a bicycle trailer". http://www.mto.gov.on.ca/english/pub...ction1.3.shtml

    It can be hard to find helmets for the young ones, many are for ages 3 - 5. Part of the reason, is that under one children lack the ability to sit up unsupported safely enough for bike rides. That being said, just try and find the smallest helmet and then you can add those rubber strips inside of them to adjust the size of the helmet. My girls all had tiny heads and I would need to put this "filler" strips in that come with the helmets, and then as their heads grew, I would adjust.

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    To add to the discussion remember that it is illegal to ride a bike on the sidewalk with or without the trailer and there could be fines involved. Also because a bike is considered a vehicle any bike infraaction counts in your points against your license.

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