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    Afraid of stepping on parent's toes??

    Anyone else afraid of stepping on parents toes? I have one dc child who started with me a few weeks ago. After asking mom for pull ups for nap time after an accident she told me flat out No, it was regression and if I wasn't ok with that she would give me my 2 weeks notice. Apparently that was his first accident in a year. He's had 2 more, one being today. I have asked for extra clothes and still haven't gotten any so each time I do a load of laundry and let him borrow my son's clothing in the meantime. I'm done worrying about stepping on her toes and sent her a polite email asking for a few sets of extra clothes. If she doesn't want to work with me then see ya! I can't run my business in fear that anything I say I will just be threatened.

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    Note: he is my ONLY dc child.

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    No, I'm not, because it's my way or the highway. If you would like pull ups for nap times, tell her that they are required for his next day in your care or he will not be allowed to return. You shouldn't have to be doing her laundry for her!!! If she threatens to leave, so be it, you can't let her bully you like that.

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    Is this the child's first time in daycare or is he coming from another situation - potentially having been let go for similar reasons. Does sound from mom's adamant refusals that you are not the first person to suggest this. How old is the child?

    It is normal for the stress of a new situation to cause a few accidents in some children. The refusal to bring clothes though would be a violation of the contract.

    I would be taking him to the potty regularly and not asking him if he needs to go and if he has an accident call mom to come and get him. No way would I be washing his clothes. If child is old enough to talk ask him about the accidents and if he has them at home or just at daycare and he might even admit to doing it at the old daycare too.

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    His last daycare closed. He's 3 1/2 yrs old. Same age as my son (who still needs pull ups when he sleeps). She hasn't refused to bring extra clothes, just hasn't.

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    His first accident was in my son's bed and it soaked EVERYTHING and I had to throw out his pillow and mattress and buy new ones. Now he sleeps on a cot that I bought just for him which I still have to wash and also wash the carpet. Mom also mentioned in passing one morning that she and her son both have ADD. Would have been nice if she mentioned it in her interview.

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    I think you have to explain to this mom that daycare is different then home. It's not like you're forcing the child to pee during nap. It's not your fault! It's a change in environment. A change in schedule, that's all. A pull up isn't a bad thing. Cleaning up pee while you should be watching her child is a bad thing in my opinion. Tell her that you require 30 dry days before you move on from the pull up.

    I have a 3 and a half year old in care that we have just stopped naps for in prep for school in the fall. Although he still takes a cat nap on the couch every now and then, he was wearing pull ups to every nap up until naps stopped.

    As far as the clothes are concerned... well... it's nessasary. It's very expensive to be doing laundry mid day un nessasarily.

    If a parent ever told me that if I wasn't ok with something they'd give their 2 weeks, I'd turn around and give them their 2 weeks. How dare she speak to you like that.

    This client will not last.

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    I completely agree with the others.

    But holy cow, she threatened you with quitting if you don't do things her way? Oh no, no, that's not how it works. We are not nannies or employees, we run our businesses with our rules and if a parent signs the contract and policies they must be aware that ALL policies must be followed.

    Of course, if the way we run our business is not to the parent's liking then they should keep looking and find a daycare who runs things in a different way. But they should never sign on and then try to change our policies. That is not how it works.
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    I would not be washing kids clothes ... If the parent doesn't remember to send spare clothes then a call to pick up her dripping wet kid would probably refresh her memory. She would also have to pay for the damage caused by her child's bed wetting. She would be getting an invoice from me.

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    If she doesn't want to supply pull ups at 3 1/2 and no accidents for a year then I can see her perspective although her attitude stinks. But as a provider I know that something has to be in place for accidents that are likely due to the change. Ask her instead, to supply you with waterproof sheets which can be picked up for as little as $10. That way it is protecting your sleeping surface without the worry of regression. Two sheets give you a spare so you can send soiled sheets home to be washed for the next day. A lot cheaper in the long run than pull ups too. Honestly cutting the pleasantries, if she doesn't go for that, don't prolong the inevitable and tell her not to let the door hit her on the way out.

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