Hi eveyone

Yesterday while i was at walmart getting the daycare food for the week. I felt like i was there for a really long time. I feel like i get stressed out decieding on whats for lunch. This is my group i have my two kids 6&3.5(my 6yr old is picky) 2-2.5 yr old(one of them are picky), 6yr old(picky eater)and a 14 month old. Ive tried a set menu plan but that doesnt work because it seems like three piccky eater go home hungry all the time. Im not going to give in and give them boxed food. We dont really eat it as a family so i dont buy its also really expensive for what you get.And i feel like i spend tons of money on food

Ive been thinking for a really long time to tell parents to bring lunches. Im thinking to tell parents for a week in august to bring lunches as a trail to see how it pans out. What do you think about bring lunches? I dont want to drop my prices i cant not worth it. And i think my day would be alot better.and how should i tell parents? Im just fed up!