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    My favorite road trip songs is Taylor swift songs. Much high for girls to enjoy this journey. When we enjoy songs, I should pay attention to charger, whether we have take a charger with us. Since in this trip, maybe you need to keep some beautiful scenery. The charger-300w power inverter is for me to charge camera battery. Last month, I bought this tool on bestekmall. This is just a tip for you. If you like to take photos. Have a nice day.

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    I have to say that i absolutely love listening to music while I am driving during hours on winding roads or long straight ways regardless if it is day or night. My fav would have to be Truckin by the Grateful Dead, plus the line "What a loooooong strange trip it's been!" is tailor made for road travel and fun to sing along to!

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    I think that in my family the number one road trip song is 99 bottles of whatever left. The wheels on the us go round nd round is also an old time favourote song. However, I have been thinking more of th car safety that entertaining kids in the car. Moreoer, I am thinking of buying a used car for my older son. Has anyone had good exeprince with used cars? I am looking into used cars for sale by owners at Jacars online now and choosing an option.

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