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    Autism checklist?

    I am becoming more and more concerned that one of my daycare kids may have some form of autism. Parents seem to be in denial and I don't feel I am qualified to come right out and say "I think he may have autism". i have raised concerns about his language and comprehension, but it is much more than that and yet I don't know where to begin to explain to them. I have been researching about autism online and came across some Youtube videos of autistic children about the same age as dcb and it was like watching a video of my dcb. None of this is scientific, I realize. I am not a doctor. BUT, I am increasingly concerned and I understand that the earlier it is diagnosed, the more therapy can help. I really feel sort of responsible for sitting here and watching this child displaying almost all of the signs and not being able to do anything other than pushing the parents to get him on the waitlist for speech therapy (which I did...though it took much pushing). I am wondering if any of you know of a good checklist for autism signs...something that I could send out to all of the parents maybe and hope that they take this seriously. Or would any of you actually come right out and state that you think he may have autism?? I am fine caring for him...he is actually very easy compared to most 2 year olds. It is really out of concern for the child that I keep trying to find a way to communicate this to parents, but without making diagnoses I am unqualified to make. Help please!

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