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    apples and bananas

    Terminating... How would you do it.

    I am terminating my b/a school client. Here's my problem though.

    The child that I'm terminating is 8 years old, I do not want to have a conversation with the family in front of her. So it's hard to discuss at pick up.

    Mom does all of the payments and she is my main contact, she drops off, but dad picks up. I don't want to have the conversation in the morning and ruin her entire work day.

    This family has been with me for 2 years, one of my first families I started. They have odd hours, some weeks it's 2 days some weeks none, some weeks 3. Their hours start as early as 6am some mornings and pick up as late as 5:30 depending on the shifts they're working.

    The child has become very good friends with my daughter and has become so comfortable in my home she will often get her own drinks during the day and plays in my daughters room with her often. (not the normal daycare kid rules) It's like having a friend over that I get paid for.

    So, I can care for her until the end of October when I have a few kids starting off of mat leave and I become 5 full every day. At that point I'm full. That's the only reason I'm terminating. The families in my care are growing and in order to keep this one I would have to term an entire full time family... that doesn't make any sense.

    I'm giving this family 12 full weeks of notice if I issue the letter today. I'm ok if they bail early. The earnings from her is just fun money, I don't even add it into my budget.

    So, thoughts on how I should do it? I have a wonderful letter written up apologizing and focusing on the safety of all kids in my care. The letter briefly explains that due to my growing families I'm unable to continue b/a school care.
    Should I add something about not wanting to discuss in front of their child? Something like " I felt that giving a letter was the best way to inform you without involving suzie in the conversation, if you would like to discuss further please feel free to call me... "

    Thanks in advance for your thoughts.

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    I think, in consideration of not discussing in front of your b/a child, I would give Dad the letter at pick up. I would state in the letter that you notified them this way as you do not wish to discuss business in front of their child. Saying business leads you to the next part of your letter saying that your daycare will no longer be providing b/a care as you wish to grow your business and include another full day dck.
    Do not apologize in your letter or cite safety reasons etc. This has been a business relationship. Do say how much you enjoyed caring for b/a child and that their child will be missed. 12 weeks notice in ample notice and you have nothing to feel bad about. Families leave us with 2 weeks notice without a bat of an eye.

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    apples and bananas
    Oh No, now dad's not even coming. Grandmas doing the pick up today. Don't you hate it when you have your mind set on something and then someone puts a stick in your plan.

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    I would send the family an email and tell them what is happening and then let them know that you will have an official copy of the letter for them to pick up or if you know grandma give it to her to pass on. But this gives you a good excuse to use email and keep it all between you and the parents and the weekend to share emails back and forth and them to think about what they plan to do.

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    apples and bananas
    I love the email idea, but these people don't use email that much at all. I never get responses from them, only the dad really checks and I don't think he checks that often. It's not a very computer friendly family. LOL

    I think I'll just give it to grandma and let dad know by text there's an envelope for him and if he has any questions I'll be available all weekend.

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