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    Credible consumer review sites for daycare products

    Do you know of any credible consumer review sites?
    I'm checking out for high chairs, tables and other equipments.....

    Thank you.

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    The problem is that what works for one person is an issue for another. I would stay with brand names if you are concerned and there is Canadian product safety site for items with recalls but not sure of the address.

    Remember how old the child will be when using the item - example a highchair that reclines for an infant is great for a family but unnecessary for you since kids will come to care at a year so beyond that need.

    Decide how you will set up using highchairs as an example. Some use just separate highchairs for babies and a child size table for older kids. Others have everyone at their adult size table using booster seats for older kids and the seats with trays that can also be strapped to a regular chair for the infants.

    Playpens for napping I prefer to buy new so I know they have not been abused but things like highchairs and toys, etc. can be bought used to save money. Also you can stagger the purchases to add them as you enrol the children till you have everything you need too.

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