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    Termination Blurb

    I'm wondering if anyone minds sharing their termination blurb in their contract? The one where we (the care provider) reserves the right to terminate care? I just want to be sure mine is stated alright and give me the option of terminating care if it just "isn't working out...". You know those clients you get and think they are perfect untill... currently mine states "<my day care title> reserves the right to suspend or terminate care of any child without notice, should it be deemed necessary for the overall safety and well-being of my family and/or other children in my care". Can I use the "well-being of my family" as due reason?
    Thanks all

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    BY PROVIDER: Provider will give at least three weeks written notice should she wish to change or terminate the contract. The provider reserves the right to terminate without notice for breach of the terms and conditions of this contract or if, in the provider’s opinion, the continuation of the child or parent as part of the daycare group is detrimental to the well-being of the other children in care.

    That is what mine says. It is vague enough but an unhappy caregiver with an unhappy family is detrimental to the well being of the daycare group so I figure I am pretty much covered. Mostly it is there to allow me to just say enough is enough that is it, here is kid's stuff get out of my house and don't come back.

    Have only done it once and that was for a 3 year old boy that sat at the playtable in the kitchen, pooped his pants, smeared it all over the table and chair while I was saying bye to another child at the door. When his mom arrived we were cleaning it up - and she refused to stay long enough for him to help with the cleanup and was upset that I was more worried about getting the poop off the table before it dried and not about changing her poopy child's diaper. At which point I handed her poopy child and his stuff and closed my door. She had to take him home that way. Oh that felt good. Out of 28 years in home daycare this was the first immediate termination and it happened about 6 years ago now - about the time the "child can do no wrong - they sit on a pedestal of life" campaign was in full swing - although it will never be a philosophy of childrearing at my house.

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    I'm happy to share my policy and I've tried to cover all situations.

    Termination of Agreement/Contract__________

    Two weeks verbal and written notice by the home childcare provider or parent is required to terminate this agreement. Payment by the parent/guardian is due for the notice period regardless of whether or not the child is brought to daycare.

    Failure by the home childcare provider to enforce one or more terms of the contract does not waive the right to enforce any other terms of the contract. I reserve the right to enforce or waive any term at my discretion after considering the family situation involved.

    The following are grounds for immediate termination and deposit may be forfeited and become the property of (provider) of (daycare name):
     Failure to pay tuition fees on time or failure to pay late fees
     Dishonesty or abusive language by parent or child
     Excessive aggressive behaviour by parent or child
     Failure to follow policies
     Failure to provide requested information, signed contract or medical form

    If termination occurs for any of the above reasons no monies paid will be refundable.

    There will be a one month probation period for newly accepted families and if the contract is terminated by either party within the first month payment is only required for the days for which childcare was provided.
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    One monthís written notice must be provided by either the parent or me in order to terminate care. Notice will only be accepted on the 1st of the month. You are still responsible for paying monthly fees during this notice regardless of whether your child attends or not. Fees will still be due if the parent withdraws the child before notice is given, or at any given time during the notice. A month and a half's fees may be paid in lieu of one monthís notice.*

    1. Termination notice must be written or typed on a full sheet of paper. (Not a half ripped paper, cardboard, an envelope, etc...)
    2. Termination notice must include the correct date. Back dated termination letters will NOT be accepted.
    3. Termination notice must include the last date which your child will attend daycare.*
    4. Termination notice must include your full name,my daycare name and your childís full name.
    5. Termination notice must be signed and dated by custodial parents.
    6. Termination notice must be delivered to me in person or mailed to me via registered mail. I will not accept a termination notice electronically (email, text) nor will I accept a termination notice mailed via regular mail, as anything other than registered mail is not 100% reliable
    7. Termination notice must be dated and submitted to the daycare only on the 1st of any month and payment for the final month must be submitted on schedule.

    *Termination notice will NOT be accepted while provider or parents are on vacation.

    I will terminate our child care arrangements immediately for any of the following reasons (but not solely limited to):

    Failure to comply with the policies set forth in the handbook/contract
    Failure to comply with the contract
    Destructive or hurtful behaviour of other children in the dayhome
    Non-Payment of childcare fees or late and/or recurring late payment of fees
    Failure to show up for 5 days in a row without any communication
    Blatant disrespect towards provider or providerís family
    If the child in care does not integrate into the program well, or has a failure to thrive (as deemed by myself)
    If parents knowingly bring their child to care while contagious with illness

    Parent Initials_____/_____

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