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    Has any of you attended the child care connection through the ccprn

    Hi everyone
    its been a really though couple of weeks for me. My hoildays were last week. I had a great hoilday until I came back to two of my daycare kids leaving one went to a french preschool and the other fave her two weeks today because they moved and it takes an hour by bus to get to and from here. I was suppose to go for surgery to have my gall bladder remove this month but had to call to move it to the new yr. Im really stressing now because im down to two siblings who is b/a rates and the other ft. I need to get more kids for me to stay home.

    My question is has anyone got kids through the CCPRNs childcare connections? And when I go what do I need to bring there?

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    I have been to the ones in Orleans. Take something you can hand to the parents with info to contact you - a business card, a one page ad type of blurb about what your program is about. Take a clipboard and pen as you will have access to the names of parents that have been to the previous three months worth of meetings or have called the office. You will fill out an info form with name, location, etc. that will go in the binder and be available for parents to look at for the next three months. No need to dress up but look nice. Many providers come in jeans and a top like they might wear while working.

    Mostly everyone signs in and gets a nametag. Then leaders introduce themselves and the process and then you go around the group giving your name, the area you are in, the language used and what you are looking for in terms of ages and time frame. Some let you give a little blurb about your experience others not and often it depends on number of people there ie how quickly they want to get around the circle. Then after a bit of talking about daycare in general you are free to go and talk to any parent that indicated they were looking for care in your area, etc. That is when you exchange names and numbers and set up a time to visit or they promise to call you.

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    Hang in there hon. I'm sorry that you lost two families in a short period of time, and it stinks that you have to stress over the dollars and cents when you're clearly dealing with some health issues. Hopefully you can find a couple of new families soon. In regards to CCPRN meet 'n greets....I signed up with CCPRN as soon as I opened my home daycare. While I find the organization very helpful for training seminars (First Aid, ELECT courses) I have never once had a parent contact me through their database. I get way more responses from my own advertising and my ad here on daycare bear.

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