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    How many 1 year olds to take on at one time

    I am at home with my 3 year old daughter and 9 month old son. I care for a 4 year old who is with us in the mornings and will have a 11 month old starting in a month. I have another mother inquiring for care starting in 2 months. I am not sure if I will be able to handle 3 one year olds. Is that too much? Any advice or experience is appreciated!

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    This is one of those questions that only you can truly answer. It depends on what you are comfortable with and what you can handle. All the children will be the same age, all at the same stages in development (relatively), and on the same schedule. You also have a child for your oldest to play with.
    Personally, I would be fine with it. When I opened my daycare I had 4 one year olds and a two and a half year old. Some days were a bit crazy, especially if they were all teething or grumpy for what ever reason, but most days, it was great and my days went by fast.
    The fact that they are not all starting at the same time will give you time to get a schedule down pat and will help keep the stress down as you won't (or shouldnt) have 3 crying one year olds transitioning together. It will also help you decide whether or not you can handle that many all together.

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    It really only depends on your own personal comfort level. I know providers who take on 5 one year olds at a time, and prefer all that age.

    If your home/daycare is set up in a way that makes for easier access to outside, nap and eating areas, etc. (because one year olds are less mobile than older kids), then you'll find it less work than if you have to navigate a lot of stairs constantly throughout the day with the little ones... but it certainly can be done.

    I'd recommend starting them gradually though, so you have time to transition them one at a time and not end up with several screaming babies at once, lol.

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    I spaced out the start of my infants which was nice as I would get used to another and then add another. I find it depends how mobile you are as well. I don't have a quad stroller (and don't want one) so this limits how many little ones I can take. Plus I do find since I want this situation to be nice for my 3 yo as well, I tried to get some older kids/play mates for them.

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    Definitely a personal decision. I think if you have all the playpens, high chairs etc that's a good start. And if everything is on one floor that helps too. But If you are new at this and you are feeling unsure, then I would just add one at a time. It would suck if you ended up feeling like you are in over your head and having to let someone go.

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    As previous posters have mentioned, it depends on what you feel comfortable with. I have only have 4 one year olds at time since for the first 5 years I was never at capacity. I now would take 5 one year old, because I feel better organized and with more experience to handle them compared to when I started. As long as they are capable to eat finger foods and drink by themselves I am good.

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    Not sure where you are at, but here in NS we are only allowed 2 kids under 24mo....I know I could handle more than that, but I would definitely want to stagger their transitions!!

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    Go for it!

    I'm all for doing what YOU know that you can handle.
    I have 3 older children who are all 2 years apart. It was almost like having triplets. Now 10 years later I have my 16 month old and I knew I could handle opening my daycare and caring for all little ones his age. They all are between 11-18 months of age and its great. I have had 2 part timers that did NOT transition well (were coddled at home) that I had to let go but the group of 4 plus my own son get along great! I opened in March and they all know my routine, are completely independent (we are working on getting their own shoes, hats on, walking up and down stairs, etc) feed themselves their finger foods and cups. They are all like siblings. I have really lucked out. I am also lucky that they all still nap twice a day (1 hour in the morning, 2-3 hours in the afternoon).
    I have almost an "assembly line" approach to things. Diapers changed same time, one after the other. Getting ready to go outside, same thing, meals they wait their turn at the gate to get in to their highchairs. Oh, and I make parents provide the playpens.
    That said, you are the one in charge and know what YOU can handle. Maybe start of with one and see how that goes? It also depends on the temperment of the child and how the parents are. My parents are all for the most part, very laid back and are constantly asking my advice for things so trust my judgment.
    Good luck to you!

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    It really depends on your comfort level. I don't take 1 year olds at the same time. I give a min of a 3 months space between transitioning new 1 year olds. This way the older one is usually walking, happy and settled and sleep trained here.

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    I just opened my doors this year and in April I had three 1 year olds starting all within weeks of each other. I was PETRIFIED and afraid that I may have taken on too much, but after a few weeks, once they were all transitioned, it was great!! They are all on the same schedule, diaper changing is exactly like an assembly line, and I know that they LOVE seeing other little people around! I've now added a fourth 13 mth old in the mix and she's transitioned wonderfully (thank the LAWD)! lol Sure, some days are insane, but really those days are caused by my own 3 year old and the 2 year old in my care, not the babes!! I say go for it ~ but you know better than anyone else!

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