I am not a Canadian citizen. I am planning to come to Canada for education but i have a one year old son. I am very much worried how will i take care of my son when i will be doing my studies. I heard there are full time day care facilities in Canada which is for 5 days (8 hours daily). I have many queries. I tried to search on internet for the queries but not able to find the appropriate answers. I hope parents using this website will help me in clearing my doubts

1: I read some where on internet average monthly cost for day care varies from city to city from say $300 to $800. It is a big amount for a student to pay. As i will be in Canada as a student so does there is any kind of discount which i can avail like student discount or any government discount?

2: I read there is a long wait-list to get admission in day cares. If it is true then what prior actions i can take before coming to Canada.

3: Can anybody provide me a good link in which i can see that what are the daily activities of a day care center for example learning activities, fooding etc.

Thanks in advance for the help!!