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    I have a little DCG who I adore! I knew I would love her the second I met her. Her parents are very nice people and I don't have any problems with them except for the fact that they continue to wear very nice clothes on her to daycare. I have in my contract that I am not responsible for any damages done to clothes. I ask parents to wear clothes which are not 'cute' or 'nice' as we do a lot of painting, markers, and outdoor play.
    I don't think that there should be a problem at all. If her family have enough money to get nice and high-quality clothes - then why not? It remembers me a time when we've been choosing clothes, blankets and plaids for our beloved ones, we've noticed how merino yarn differs from other materials for the best, and few months ago, we could find a merino wool baby clothing online store ( over here: httрs://kidy.eu/en/catalog/material/merino-wool/ ), and fortunately they have not just best quality of clothes and plaids, but also a really quick delivery system, cause we've got our stuff in three business days.
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