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    Forced Potty Training

    I've been helping a family with potty training their 2.5 year old. He is extremely shy, so we potty on a schedule. I was using a little potty for him, but the parents suggested I use a regular toilet...so I am. Today, I walked him to the bathroom and he stopped dead in his tracks. He kept saying "no potty." I just found out that his parents are physically picking him up and plopping him on the potty (every night at pickup, I keep getting tidbits of information from the father). I NEVER force a child to potty; I walk the child to the bathroom and they use the stool to get on.
    He's still wearing a diaper at nap time and that's when he pees and poops. The parents tell me he's excited to potty at home and is doing great! What should I do? It specifically says in my handbook that the child needs to tell me (but like I said before, he is extremely shy, so a schedule is needed).

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    At daycare I potty train as per my contract, not as to what my clients say. I will listen and if I can adapt some of thing things they do within my policy/program then great, otherwise I stick with my potty.

    They have to either tell me or go on their own (potty in playroom). If they don't then they are in pull-ups.

    I also refuse to "parent" train as I am not the child's parent, I will not put a child on the potty every X min.

    I would never focus a child either. If they freeze or freak out etc at the site or thought of a potty/toilet then they are not ready for training here.

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    Hi Elly,

    It's nice to hear that you are helping the parents to potty train, you're right no child should be forced to do what they don't want to do.

    I also help parents to potty train and basically so far my group of children are trained by 2yo. Boys or girls. I follow their lead we create a routine and it just happens. I do not sell a potty train service (I do not like to create false expectations which eventually become a stressful situacion for me as the caregiver and for the child in care), all the parents in my group know I'll support but not force.

    IT all usually starts here "organically", then I ask the parents for their support just by following our routine (which for many parents it is a pleasant surprise when they notice their kids can go, and aren't verbal yet;0) no. Nothing is forced some get the idea sooner than others. And my program continues as it supose to be no delays, no frustrations etc.

    Many start in my group not knowing even that it comes with a potty training support;0)

    Just support when you can and communicate that's the way to go.

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    Thanks for the advice. This is going to be a slow process as he is extremely shy in front of everyone except his parents (he whispers to me with his hand in front of his mouth). I feel for him, so potty training will be custom made for just him.

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    I agree with Peacefulbird, just support when you can and communicate that's the way to go.
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