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    Rhonda, so sorry for your friend's loss in the accident/ We all have heavy hearts I think due to this horrible tragedy I used to drive with my daycare kids and had the extra insurance, but still worried. I no longer drive as I don't have space with 5 dck's plus my daughter, but have decided not to resume driving trips even when my daughter starts school next year and I have space. One day a few months ago my husband and I were at an intersection with my van when the alternator went unexpectedly and we lost all power...we were part way through the intersection and traffic was coming. It was absolutely terrifying and we had to both jump out and push the van through. We were lucky we were not hit and I couldn't help thinking "what if I were alone with all the kids? How would I have pushed it alone? What if we had been hit?" etc. That was the moment I decided definitively that I will not resume driving trips with my daycare. In fact, I sold all my extra car seats and that was that. I am happy walking to the park with them. But I understand...in your case parents are used to it and now there is a change. Explain it to them from the safety angle...explain what you will be doing instead. Fingers crossed for you!

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    I miss field trips! During the summer we went often as I had low numbers. Now I can only go out if I have 3 or less because I only have 3 car seats. I pay for the field trips and have never asked a parent for money to cover the cost. They are all good with field trips but also understand that I can only go out with 3 or less. I wouldn't say any of my parents expect field trips but I know they like that I do them.

    Rhonda, I would suggest a formal letter to the parents explaining your reasons for stopping field trips. I don't know if you do this already but if you don't maybe you could replace field trips with themed days......like pj day, colour day, superhero day, princess day,spa day, crazy hair day etc. Even once a month, I'm sure the kids would love it!

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